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The following bands are currently and have recently been rehearsing..

Dearly Beloved



Floyd Factor

Cat House Dogs

Suzie McNeil

Alannah Myles


Desperado –Ultimate Eagles Tribute

Octobres Ending



Been awhile since we talked….But we have been busy. So I will start with the completion of 2009. There will be more updates for 2010 to follow. Thanks for the support!!

September 2009

Lion Ride– Joe worked on producing the tune Bang Bang, which rocked. Look for Lion Ride performing in a town near you. Visit them at

Live Remote Recordings with Guerrilla Remote

Anthony gave producer/musician Tom McKay his expertise in helping to set up and test out his new Guerrilla Remote Live Recording Truck. Bands who want a professional live recording of their show, Go visit them at

October 2009

This was a very exciting month. Along with a full studio and rehearsal calendar, Backroom participated showcasing bands we’ve produced and worked with at the studio during INDIEWEEK at the Horseshoe. Bands that rocked the house were Black Mother Pearl(New release coming soon!!), Darlings of Chelsea, 1000 Cures and Punishment. Congrats to Darlings of Chelsea who advanced through the remainder of the week  and winning the opportunity to be included in INDIEWEEK Ireland .The guys fly out  this month.

November 2009.

Backroom hosted the  film crew  and featured artists from Arbor Live to film segments for their up incoming season.

Rock guitarist Stevie Salas hosts ARBOR LIVE, a high energy and fast paced music variety TV show featuring emerging Aboriginal artists alongside today’s global super stars. Join Stevie, comedic director “Steelbird” and his “assistant” real life movie star Eric Schweig as they present these incredible live performances, in-depth artist interviews and hilarious comedic back stage antics with featured artists.

Go Visit and watch…….

Producer Brandon Friesen brought in New Zealand power pop sensation Kingston to record guitars on a number  of new tracks. Great bunch of people and a ton-o-fun. Go visit them at

And read their blog entry about their crazy sched.

December 2009

Backroom hosted a Casino Night charity.  The night was very successful. Fun had by all and we helped raise some money for the Juvenile Diabetes Fund. A great BIG shout out to Renaissance Band. An awesome party band that stepped up and brought their game on and rocked the house.


Well, we get camp done….. and like pure rockers we have a session booked the night of our return with Stevie Salas, TM Stevens and Rob Lamothe. Also on hand were non other that Zander Lamothe(New Drum God), Leonardo Valvassori(Bass God) and Janet Panic(Songstress Godess)………Check out their sites….


Every year we have the privelage of going the Camp Manitou in McKellar to do production and recording for the Camp rock attendees. As usuall a great rockin time was had by all. This year the camp once agian had instructors Stevie Salas and Phil X rippin on guitar. Also a big welcome and shout out to TM Stevens , the killer Heavy Metal Funk bassist (James Brown,Steve Vai,Tina Turner,Billy Joel) who turned the heat up this year!!!


Hello All,

Hope you are all doing well. We have had a very busy summer thus far, and have been working on multiple projects.

We have been in the process of producing more songs with a great band called Black Mother Pearl. The song writing is fabulous and it has been an inspiring journey working with this band. you can check them out here

Darlings of Chelsea have been creating quite a buzz for themselves. Recently we spent time in the studio demoing some new songs. Which by the way are killer. Check them out at

We recently had the honour of hosting Suzie McNeil and the YTV crew in filming a special Suzie McNeil segment. Lots of singing and fun had by all.

Dearly Beloved rehearsed hard for their Toronto debut at Tattoo. Following the gig they took off to Boston and New York where it looks like they landing a big time booking agent.

In preperation for the Dee Cernile(Sven Gali) benefit show, rockers Punishment and original Slik Toxik Frontman Nick Walsh(Revolver) did a full on rehearsal banging out some great Slik tunes. Headin for a Helluva Time!

Thanks to musicians Chris Caddel,Leo Valvasorri, Giampoalo Scatozza and Joe Scatozza for making our jingle session go so smooth. Myself(Joe) with creative director Phil Falcone wrote and produced a radio spot for It is currently being aired on the following stations..Z103, ProudFM JewelFM, JazzFM and AM740. The song is so catchy, you will go book a trip when you hear it.

And lastly, Lotus Magnet rode again!!! They did a kick ass set at The Velvet Underground supporting good friends Punishment….More gigs to come.Keep you posted.

That’s it for now.More news to come. You’ll be the first to know!
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Punishment's Kevin Gale and Slik Toxic's(Revolver) Nick Walsh

Punishment's Kevin Gale and Slik Toxic's(Revolver) Nick Walsh


Darling Jam

Suzie at The Backroom

Suzie at The Backroom


We have just produced a song for a cool band called Demarbles…Go check them out on is below.


Hey all…..go check out the greatest rock band today,tomorrow and beyond…Darlings of Chelsea….We are proud to let everyone know that we worked with the band to produce ” The Mimico Sessions”….Go check out some reviews , listen and buy the music……..

All the best